I'm fine... Just let me wallow in peace please.... 🙃🙃🙃

Gonna start Corked Kingdom...
I'm scared.... ;-;
Hopefully nobody will die.

Take Me Back

Take Me Back - Meghan March This was good, mate.
This was motherfucking good!

Beneath These Shadows

Beneath These Shadows - Meghan March good enough....


Untitled - Tahereh Mafi I'm dead

Ignite Me

Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi February 2018
Best book in the series so far!

August 2018
Still the best book in the series! ❤

March 2019
My thoughts haven't changed.

Fracture Me

Fracture Me - Tahereh Mafi February 1 2018
Adam is an A-hole
March 24 2019 pre re-read
This is the book i don't like most in the series and the one i look forward to re-reading again but I have to...
after re-read
I feel kinda sorry for him...
Reading for the Unleash The Mods™ Challenge from Maraya's Cave Of Freaking Wonders

This was actually kinda good! I mean I liked it but it had a lot moments that had me wondering wtf is going on....

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1) - Laini Taylor description
This book has utterly disappointed me... C'mon this is way over-hyped...

The writing was meh. It couldn't hold my attention for longer then like 10 min and then I would just get disinterested.

The charterers I kind of liked. They were well developed and none of then felt like they weren't real.

The plot.... OHH BOY THE PLOT.
The whole book felt like nothing was happening and it was it always and I mean always felt lackluster... The 400 pages could have been told in about 250 or less.
The cliffhanger left me more annoyed then worried about what's going to happen. It felt like the whole book was just an opening for a series then actually being a book.
The plot is basically about a girl that is living a double life. The first one being fairly ordinary, being an student going thought art collage, the second one not so much, having to go and collect teeth to bring to her so called family. At which point something happens and she is caught having to choose between the two.
Sounds interesting doesn't it?
I'm still wondering how the book it self was so fucking boring but it was.

It felt me with a feeling of disappointment and anger.

But I am going to give this series another chance by continuing with it...

Bad Judgment

Bad Judgment - Meghan March More of a romance then smut but still very good for what it was

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 31

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 31 - Yoshihiro Togashi The relationship between Alluka and Killua is the best big bother relationship I have ever read about / watched! It's making my heart quench.

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 29 (Hunter x Hunter, #29)

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 29 (Hunter x Hunter, #29) - Yoshihiro Togashi I cri....

I cri a lot....

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 27

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 27 - Yoshihiro Togashi But I like the king :(

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 26: We Meet Again

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 26: We Meet Again - Yoshihiro Togashi Ohh Gon......

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl - Meghan March Oh shit.
Whatever I was expecting that wasn't it.

Beneath These Lies

Beneath These Lies - Meghan March Dnf at 75%

I really don't care for the rest... Like really don't care -_-